Patents for inventions and utility models protecting technical and technological aspects of a product or a process. To be patentable, an invention must meet the following requirements: novelty, originality and industrial applicability.

Bremen can offer you help and advice at all stages of the life of a brand.
We deal with:

Assessment of the patentability of a product/innovation process.
– Drafting and filing of applications for patents or utility model at national, European (EP) and international (PCT) and the Republic of San Marino.
– Assistance in the examination procedures (research reports/official actions) in order to obtain the grant of the patent
– Assistance in any opposition procedures active and passive.
– Examination of patent titles of the competition in order to identify the scope of protection.
– Legal opinions and legal and technical on the content and possible patent infringement or violation.
– Assistance in the preparation of contracts of assignment, license, etc
– Life and annuity payment

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