A trademark is a sign that makes it possible to distinguish the goods or services produced or provided by one enterprise from those of other companies. The brand, often associated with certain characteristics, quality is therefore one of the main elements of the corporate image and is a valuable resource to be protected and enhanced. Can be registered as trade marks represented graphically: words, designs, letters, numerals, sounds, the shape of the product or package it, combinations or hues. To be validly protectable, must meet the requirements of novelty and distinctness.

Bremen can offer you help and advice at all stages of the life of a brand.
We deal with:

Searches in order to find the existence of identical or confusingly similar marks at national and international level:
– Drafting and filing of applications for Community trade marks, Brands, and Brands in the Republic of San Marino;
– Filing of trademark registration in all countries of the world;
– Assistance in the examination procedures in order to obtain the registration of the trademark;
– Assistance in any opposition procedures or actions of nullity, both active and passive;
– Notice and trademark Renewal deadlines.
Surveillance Service, by brand and/or holder.
Legal opinions and legal technical about possible counterfeiting or violations.
– Assistance in the preparation of contracts of assignment, license, etc
Regularization ownership records transcripts

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